Our Activity Portfolio

The Center’s activity portfolio is designed to optimize the
connection between research and practical impact. It includes:

  • Customized Think Tanks and Dialogue Platforms
    that bring together global thought leaders and senior executives for an in-depth exploration of specific issues;
  • Applied Research
    with a focus on issues related to the challenges of a networked economy and society. Our capstone project is the Global OSML Index; results will be published in form of an annual report and presented at an annual conference. In addition we conduct customized projects which are primarily driven by the interest of the Center’s corporate partners.
  • C-level briefings and strategic advisory
    designed to contextualize insights from our research, that provide tangible and actionable perspectives for transformational change initiatives;
  • Executive and Strategic Development Offerings
    such as seminars, workshops, and learning expeditions that are designed to generate awareness about key challenges and networked organizations, and help develop the related individual and organizational capabilities;
  • Executive Peer Networks
    that provide a platform for an ongoing exchange on conceptual frameworks and practical challenges;
  • A virtual platform
    that serves as a hub for a global community of interested stakeholders, including a social blog, a case library, webinars, and more.

Current Key Projects

The Global OSML Index

a longitudinal global empirical study about adoption patterns of social media literacy in large organizations

The SixSkills Global Dialogue

a global ideation initiative, crowdsourcing perspectives from academia, business and consulting