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With social media activity proliferating at every level inside and outside the organization, leaders need to become tutors and strategic orchestrators of all such activities within the realm of their control.


Examples for questions we would like to explore

From the perspective of leaders/practitioners

Enabling their environment to excel in what they do and possibly can do is one of the most important and rewarding task of leaders. We would like to hear how you foster the effective use of social media in your sphere of influence and what you think about the importance of this skill. Questions that come to mind are:

  • How do you contribute to raising the (social) media literacy of your immediate internal (direct reports, peers, teams...) and external stakeholders (suppliers, partners, customers...)?
  • What strategies do you have to enable and support your environment in the use of social tools?
  • The new generation joining the workplace is often (social) media savvy. How do you harness its skills to develop your team's and your own (social) media literacy?
  • Have you created new roles within your organization that support the logic of networked communication? i.e. content curator, community leaders, network analysts, social entrepreneurs...
  • How do you create a culture of learning and reflection, vital to the spread of (social) media technologies and capturing its benefits?

From the perspective of academics/thought leaders/consultants

We’d be interested in your perspective about the advisor capability as an element of organizational social media literacy.

  • How could an effective strategy to build Social Media Literacy across a large scale organization look like?
  • The very leaders that need to act as advisors and orchestrators are often the ones lagging behind in social media literacy? How to overcome this conundrum?
  • Different maturity levels of digital literacy will lead to a new informal hierarchy in organizations...How will this impact the role and future development of digital natives?
  • How can leaders leverage OSML to (re)position their organizational unit within the larger context of the corporation (internal marketing/branding/identity)?

The Leader as Advisor

Enable and support 360-degree environment in social-media usage

Coordinate and channel activities within span of control

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