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The revolution in communication and connectivity technology is not over; it is rather accelerating. Leaders need to understand the nature of this revolution, recognize emerging trends, and leverage the resulting opportunities.


Examples for questions we would like to explore

From the perspective of leaders/practitioners

We would like to hear how you keep your organization alert to future changes that may have disruptive effects on your business and/or operating model. Issues that come to mind are:

  • How do you stay abreast of emerging trends and innovations in the field of social technologies?
  • Can you tell us about processes/routines you have that help you monitoring weak signals and experiment with new technologies and devices as they appear on the market?
  • Share with us examples where you experienced benefits by being an early adopter from novel social technologies solutions?
  • What strategies do you have in place to deal with the upcoming disruptive force of ubiquitous connectivity (“Internet of Things”)? How can you capitalize on the opportunities that come with it?

From the perspective of academics/thought leaders/consultants

We’d be interested in your perspective about the analyst capability as an element of organizational social media literacy. For instance:

  • What role can traditional knowledge centers (universities, research centers, consultancies) play to support an organization's efforts to monitor and embrace new developments?
  • Do structures with a tradition in horizontal collaboration (i.e. global consultancies, academia with its faculty peer-networks) have an advantage when it comes to leveraging OSML? Can more vertically structured organizations learn from them?
  • In context like social technologies, where the pace of disruptive innovation is so high, should companies strive for "first mover" advantage or is "fast followship" more effective over time?
  • Does the OSML framework apply universally or does it need to be modified for different industries, organizational maturity levels, cultures, and so forth?

The Leader as Analyst

Monitor the dynamics of the social media and communications industry

Understand its impact on culture, behavior, and business models

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