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Leaders need to make sure that their organizations are designed to encourage self-organized horizontal discourse and exchange while mitigating the risks of irresponsible use through smart policies and vertical accountability frameworks.


Examples for questions we would like to explore

From the perspective of leaders/practitioners

We would like to hear how you design your organization to take advantage of the opportunities that come with social technologies, and what you think about the importance of this skill. Topics that come to mind are:

  • What structures, mechanisms or processes do you have in place that foster horizontal collaboration? How do you keep accountability?
  • Do you have stories/examples about the tension between the vertical leadership approach (command/control, linear process, metrics and objectives) and the horizontal one (influence without power, networks, communities, self-directed teams)? Is it a positive tension? How do you deal with it?
  • Tell us about the cornerstones of the Social Media policy for your organization. Where does it work? Where are challenges? Where is it dysfunctional?
  • How do you utilize/deploy Social Media strategies for key business functions such as innovation, supply chain management, talent management, project management, strategy, etc.?

From the perspective of academics/thought leaders/consultants

We’d be interested inyour perspective about the architect capability as an element of organizational social media literacy. For example:

  • Which organizational design principles do we need to strike a balance between enabling free communication across the organization while minimizing the risks inherent to such unbridled exchanges?
  • Balancing vertical accountability with horizontal collaboration might be the ultimate challenge organizations are facing to fully capitalize on teh power of social media. What can organization and networks research contribute in this context?
  • In recent years large and global organizations have grown increasingly complex. Will social technologies exarcerbate complexity or enable simplicity?
  • What are new roles that will gain in importance in an organization with high level of social media literacy? Will other roles disappear?
  • How can/will Social technology reshape the traditional operating model of core functions, such as Strategy, Communication, HR, Supply Chain Management, R&D, IT, Legal, or Finance?

The Leader as Architect

Balance vertical accountability and horizontal collaboration

Leverage social media for key business functions

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