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Leaders need a deep understanding of the nature of the various social media tools, and the dynamics they unleash, as participatory dissemination can be viral and is naturally hard to control. Mastering the combination of the logic of broadcast and participatory media will be critical.


Examples for questions we would like to explore

From the perspective of leaders/practitioners

We would like to hear about your experiences as a ”distributor” and your opinion about the importance of this skill, no matter if you are a veteran or are just starting to toy with the idea of engaging in social media. For instance:

  • What are major challenges you perceive when it comes to making your messages heard?
  • How do you control/influence the path of your messages once you clicked the mouse button? What has worked well, what has worked not so well?
  • Delivering a message socially focuses on ensuring it gets “viral”. What are your strategies in that domain? Can you share a success story? A story of failure?
  • How do you create and sustain a body of social followers? Do you do this yourself? Do you depend on others to do this for you?

From the perspective of academics/thought leaders/consultants

We’d be interested in your perspective about the distribution capability as an element of organizational social media literacy. For instance:

  • How does the viral nature of social media communication disrupt an organization's traditional governance mechanisms?
  • How is the identity of a leader impacted by the necessity to engage publicly as a follower to build a social media presence?
  • How can the Corporate Communication function adapt to further create value in a context where the traditional top-down broadcast model must converge with participatory media?

The Leader as Distributor

Understand cross-platform dynamics and what causes messages to go viral

Build and sustain a body of followers

→ Read about this capability in the SixSkills article

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