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Social Media creates unprecedented information overflow and the demise of editorial filters. Leaders need to become sophisticated in managing and leveraging the multiple channels of incoming communication as well as the ability to assess the relevance and factuality of information.


Examples for questions we would like to explore

From the perspective of leaders/practitioners

Please tell us about your experiences as a ”recipient” in the social media world, and your opinion about the importance of this skill, no matter if you are an avid user or are just starting to toy with the idea of getting involved. For instance:

  • Do you find it worth your time to navigate social platforms in addition to traditional forms of communication (incl. e-mails)? If yes, how does this add value, how does it impact your work?
  • How do you manage to select what is really important to you from the myriad sources of information? What are your criteria when it comes to participation in virtual platforms?
  • How does the information you receive impact your willingness to get involved as an active contributor? What makes it likely/unlikely that you engage?
  • How do you select the right channels to get information that is relevant to you, your marketplace, or your employees?

From the perspective of academics/thought leaders/consultants

We’d be interested in your perspective about the recipient capability as an element of organizational social media literacy.

  • How does the social media engagement of a leader impact his or her identity within the organization?
  • In a world of massive information overflow across multiple platforms and channels--what kidn of filtering skills do leaders needs? How can they set the right priorities? What role can filtering technology play in this context? How important is digital literacy versus cognitive/executive skills?
  • Communication has always been an integral part of organizational transformation efforts. How do we need to adapt traditional change management frameworks in a context where social technologies can drive resistance or acceptance in novel ways?

The Leader as Recipient

Create resonance via selective replies and linking

Make sense of the noise through intelligent filtering

→ Read about this capability in the SixSkills article

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