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Assessing Your Ability to Leverage Social Media for Competitive Advantage

Dimensions of the Global OSML Index®

The OSML Global Index® provides tangible metrics to assess and benchmark the “social” leadership culture and organizational setup of a company. It allows us to monitor how leaders are adopting towards the opportunities that social media provide, on a global scale.

Through the Index, companies can gain a deeper understanding of their current strengths and weaknesses in this space and identify capability gaps that they may want to address.

Some key questions the Index addresses are:

  • How creative and engaged are leaders in utilizing social media to create an agile culture, innovate communication, and build a brand for themselves and their functional domain?
  • How well do leaders take advantage of viral distribution dynamics? How well can they deal with informal networks? How do they combine social media with traditional means of communication?
  • To what degree are leaders able to utilize social media as a valuable source of information? How well do they pick up weak signals and engage in co-creation and collaboration across boundaries?
  • To what extent are leaders advising and supporting their 360 degree environment to become more social media literate?
  • How well does the organization support the effective use of social technologies across all functions through smart design and policies?
  • How well does the organization stay on the edge of the curve when it comes to innovation in communication/collaboration technologies?

Example of OSML Index Results