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Learn Hands-On About the Mindset, Tools, and Methods for Business Ecosystem Development

The CFFO Business Ecosystem Design Bootcamp

Digital Transformation has opened a Pandora box of transformational challenges and opportunities for growth and innovation. To capitalize on these opportunities, companies must often 'jump' across familiar industry boundaries and form novel alliances and partnerships to complete a value proposition, design a compelling business model, or gain access to a new market. In short - they must learn to become ecosystem players and develop the critical capabilities that are required to succeed in this new ball game. The CFFO Business Ecosystem Design Bootcamp will help you master this challenge.

What is This Bootcamp About?

The boot camp is a compact program that familiarizes you with the mindset, tools and methods for business ecosystem development. It is based on the brand-new handbook Design Thinking for Business Growth by bestselling author Michael Lewrick and provides a hands-on learning experience that allows you to apply proven frameworks to your specific company context.

Who Should Participate?

Attend the bootcamp if you are an entrepreneur, a C-level executive, a project manager, or a strategy/innovation executive who looks for a practical framework to design ecosystem-driven business models that can lead your organization to novel ways of growth.

Bootcamp Benefits

  • Proven methodology. You and your team learn to apply a distinctive methodology that helps your organization to identify customer issues and drive a business ecosystem design initiative by applying four distinctive design lenses that are needed for business ecosystem development.
  • Hands-on Experience. You get a concrete framework and a practical tool kit for creating business ecosystem initiatives in your specific company context.
  • Custom Design. We use your specific business context as the basis for an exemplary ecosystem design process.
  • Efficient Time Investment. The program allows to set the time and date based on the availabilities of you and your teams. All programs can be delivered on premise or in a virtual setting. The time commitment for the program is typically two days, or up to 5 days depending on your organizational context an needs.

Bootcamp Focus

The Bootcamp will provide a succinct overview of the key concepts, methods and tools needed to design a business ecosystem. You will learn and apply ten design principles and explore four distinct design lenses which include tools and methods to
  1. identify the appropriate customer problem
  2. test minimal viable product (MVP) offerings
  3. create a minimum viable ecosystem (MVE); and
  4. scale the system

Your Takeaways

  • Increased awareness for ecosystems and why they matter in the future world of business
  • An understanding of the concept of a business ecosystems
  • Hands-on experience in applying business ecosystem design
  • An understanding of the strategic impact of business ecosystems regarding IT, customer interaction, business models, and governance
  • An understanding of the concept of value streams and exponential growth
  • Insights concerning a multidimensional business model view
  • Knowing when, how and why business ecosystem design should be applied
  • Reflection on planned or already started business ecosystem initiatives

The program can also be designed as an up to 5-day workshop that addresses concrete and current ecosystem design challenges of your team or organization. Please contact us to discuss how to customize it to your needs..


The bootcamp is led by Michael Lewrick, PhD., who is known for his hands-on approach that provides practical instruments and frameworks for driving innovation, digital transformation, and business growth in the complex world of networked organizations. He is the author of an international bestseller series that includes The Design Thinking Playbook (2018), The Design Thinking Toolbox (2020), and Design Thinking for Business Growth (2022).


Here are the voices of some top executives about their bootcamp experience

Terms and Conditions

On premise at your site or virtual via ZOOM/MS Teams & Online Whiteboard
Bootcamps can be arranged on all working days, including Saturdays
USD 1,200 per participant per day | minimum $ 12,000 per day.
Discounts for larger groups (20+) and bootcamps that last more than 2 days.
The Bootcamp can be conducted in English and German.
Each participant will receive a free copy of the book Design Thinking for Business Growth by Michael Lewrick (also available in German)

How to Book Your Bootcamp

Please contact us to discuss the approximate number of attendees, the preferred delivery method, the type of participants as well as any specific requirements you and your team might have.