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ABC Round Table: The Quest for Purpose


About this Event

Purpose is one of the big buzzwords of our times – both when it relates to personal growth and self-realization or the cornerstones of a company’s strategic orientation, its values, and its contribution to society and the planet.

Like it is the case with curiosity – the topic of our last Round Table – purpose remains an elusive concept that has been puzzling philosophers, theologians, psychologists, strategists, and leadership scholars alike.

In our tradition of connecting perspectives from Academia, Business, and Consulting (ABC), we have invited some of the world’s most prominent thought and practice leaders to engage in an unscripted dialogue on the subject.

This round table event is free of charge.

Meet the Table

Ranjay Gulati   |  Professor of Business Administration | Author of Deep PurposeHarvard Business School
Ralf Schneider  |  Managing Director, Better Business | Former SVP of Human Capital Management, HSBC
Sertac Yeltekin  |  Co-Founder and General Partner | Purpose Ventures (Singapore)

Hosted by: Roland Deiser  |  Chairman, Center for the Future of Organization, Drucker School of Management, Claremont Graduate University