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Creating the Organization of the Future

Eastern philosophy and Western management ideals offer a powerful set of wisdom on how to build and grow businesses. Peter Drucker focused on how organizations can contribute to a functioning society. Confucius focused on how to build a functioning society, largely from a family and individual perspective. Their collective work provides a remarkably consistent set of principles that can provide practical guidance for executives who want to both “win in the present” and create their own future.

In this book, Jaworski and Cheung argue that executives must make five direction-setting ‘big choices’ for their firms: defining the purpose of an organization, building a mission statement, setting an organization’s vision, crafting organizational values, and shaping the firm’s culture. They then link these five choices to the foundational thinking of Drucker and Confucius, combining the concepts, principles, and real-world practice of Eastern and Western leadership in a compelling way.