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CFFO Launches Cross-Industry Consortium with an Ecosystem Leadership Symposium

August 30, 2023

Many executives are keen to engage in business ecosystems and glean the benefits of joint value creation.  This quest comes with its challenges. Almost 100 companies who participated in our survey expressed interest in a cross-industry consortium to jointly address key issues and opportunities that come with ecosystem engagement.

To address this interest, we are organizing a 1 ½ day invitation only symposium during which we will share perspectives, discuss typical ecosystem challenges, and explore with selected companies how to best structure such an initiative and define future priorities on which they would like to collaborate.

We are excited that Unternehmertum (U-TUM), one of the world’s largest hubs for business creation and innovation – and a benchmark ecosystem of its own – has kindly agreed to host and co-produce this event with us.

The symposium will take place on November 28/29, 2023 at UTUM’s fabulous facilities in Munich, Germany.   To assure meaningful dialogue, this will be an invitation-only event with a maximum of 40 seats.

You will find more details about the event here. If your company is interested in attending, please send us a note so we can discuss your potential participation.



CFFO Co-Publishes Developing Leaders Quarterly

May 30, 2023

Last year we teamed up with Ideas for Leaders to become the co-publisher of the established magazine Developing Leaders Quarterly (DLQ). The new Joint Venture enables us to leverage existing content partnerships with 50+ leading universities and a global corporate relationship network that provides privileged access to real-life experiences of leaders and organizations.

Watch Recordings of CFFO/DLQ Round Tables
The first two DLQ issues we co-produced focused on  “The Curious Organization” and “The Quest for Purpose”.  Once published, we invite lead authors – so far among them Harvard Business School


Video and Slides from Webinar About the Results of our Recent Global Survey

May 30, 2023


A big thank you to the more than 100 CFFO friends who attended our webinar about the results of our global survey. It provided insights into how companies score on our Ecosystem Leadership Index (ELX), and what they can do to improve their performance. In case you missed it or want to watch it again – you can access a recording of the session in the video section of our website and/or download the slide deck from the publication section.  Please feel free to share it with whoever you think may benefit from the findings.

Custom assessment now available
If you are curious about the current ecosystem leadership capabilities of your company – we offer reasonably priced custom ELX assessments that include a comparison with global benchmark data, a C-level briefing, and a workshop to discuss results and perspectives for your future development. Please contact us to explore this opportunity.


CFFO Round Table: Organizational Curiosity

October 08, 2022

Curiosity is in high demand, and business books about the subject proliferate. Major corporations have declared it to a key value they pursue.

We should not be surprised. After all, curiosity drives creativity and innovation, creates connectivity, and fosters cross-boundary collaboration – key ingredients organizations need in times of digital transformation and ecosystem-based value creation.


To Master the Dual Nature of Ecosystem Strategy, Ask Yourself Five Questions

September 14, 2022

Successful business ecosystems are based on a compelling value proposition that is based on a unique combination of contributions from multiple partners. Just like with any business, this requires a strategic vision that addresses a market need, and a purpose that is shared by all members. If you want to be a leader who co-shapes your ecosystem you must actively participate in continuously co-creating this common strategic thrust.